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Woven Shibori Process

I weave by hand on a computer-assisted Thread Controller Loom  (TC-2). I create a design using Photoshop. The computer directs the loom to raise each of a possible 1980 threads needed to weave the desired image. This is an amazing feat that can only be done with the assistance of a computer-driven loom. The  image grows line by line as I weave; it is incredible to watch it evolve!


To add an element of the unknown a special blue thread (shibori thread) is inserted that is not part of the final cloth design.


Once woven and off the loom I gather the shibori thread and pull it tightly. This results in a cloth that has been gathered into tight pleats. I then dye the cloth so that only the areas exposed on the outside of the pleats are dyed.  Once dyed, washed, and the pleats ironed out, one sees the resulting dyed pattern overlying the woven pattern.

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