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Alice Lusk Webster Suite

Born in New York to a wealthy family Alice de Kessler Lusk Webster (1880-1953) moved to Shediac, NB in the 1920s. In 1935 she established the Department of Arts and Industries at the recently formed and newly built New Brunswick Museum (NBM) and was designated its “Honourary Curator”.  This series is informed by Lusk Webster’s own sketches, writing, family photographs, as well as a collection of woven and embroidered textile fragments dating between 1350 and 1800 that were acquired by Alice Lusk Webster for the NBM in 1945. 

The civilization of people finds expression in its art – and its art is the mirror in which each stage of its development is reflected. History is not a succession of names and dates, but rather the evolution of man’s mode of life, his ideas and attitudes towards his fellow man. (Lusk 1940)

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